łożyska baryłkowe

We offer:

- own customs warehouse
- temporary storage magazine
- local magazine

All storages are heated and equipped with high storage racks, hydraulic ramps in UE standard.

The area of 1500 m2 includes a total 1740 pallet places.

The location in the center of Poland at the industrial areas of Lodz is our additional advantage. Our experience in import and export transactions allows us to offer:

- full service logistics and warehousing;
- customs service in procedures of import, export and release of goods for sale;
- support for transshipment;
- consolidation of goods;
- cooperation with the Customs Office.


- 1740 pallet places
- modern warehouse equipment
- short time reloading
- approvals and certificates
- electronic stock management
- protection 24h
- individual and flexible logistics solutions
- consolidation of goods
- additional services - repackaging, foiling, promotional packs, labeling
- qualified staff


- short time of customs service (depending on the procedure)
- technology adapted to individual customer needs
- storage of goods in temporary storage and a customs warehouse
- guarantee full protection for customer details